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Survival Dynamo Radio with Solar Panel, Flashlight and Power Bank

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Stay prepared for emergencies or outdoor adventures with our Survival Dynamo Radio. This compact device features a hand crank, solar panel, and USB charging options, ensuring you never lose power. Receive vital FM/AM broadcasts, illuminate your surroundings with the built-in flashlight, and charge your mobile devices on the go. Compact and lightweight, it’s the perfect addition to your emergency kit or outdoor gear.

Prepare for any outdoor adventure or emergency with our Survival Dynamo Radio. This robust device offers multiple charging options, including a built-in hand crank, solar panel, or micro USB port, ensuring you stay connected wherever you go. Receive vital FM and AM radio broadcasts, providing crucial updates from authorities during crises. Equipped with a powerful LED flashlight, this radio ensures visibility in darkness, while its SOS button emits a loud siren signal in emergencies. With a built-in power bank function, you can charge your mobile device on the go, providing peace of mind during unforeseen situations. Compact and lightweight, it’s an essential addition to any emergency kit or outdoor excursion. Get started easily by cranking the radio for 3 to 5 minutes to activate the battery. Don’t let its small size fool you; this dynamo radio packs a punch with its 2000mAh battery capacity, 0.2W solar panel, and versatile USB ports. Trust in its reliability and versatility for all your outdoor adventures and emergency preparedness needs.

Key Features:

  • Robust dynamo radio with solar panel, flashlight, and emergency charger
  • Receives FM/AM radio frequencies for vital updates
  • 2000mAh battery capacity ensures extended use
  • 0.2W solar panel for additional charging options
  • Powerful 1W LED flashlight for visibility in darkness
  • USB-A and Micro-USB ports for versatile charging capabilities
  • Compact dimensions: 147 x 62 x 76 mm; lightweight: 300g


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