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Just a Few More Minutes Gamer T-Shirt for Kids

251,00 kr

Level up your child’s gaming wardrobe with our Just a Few More Minutes T-Shirt! Perfect for young gamers who can’t resist just one more level.

Elevate your child’s gaming style with our ‘Just a Few More Minutes’ T-Shirt! Featuring a playful design with a gaming controller graphic and the iconic phrase, this tee is perfect for young gamers who just can’t tear themselves away from the screen. Available in a variety of colors to suit every gaming enthusiast’s taste.

Made from 100% cotton, our shirts are not only stylish but also durable. The printed area can withstand washing up to 60 degrees without any damage, ensuring long-lasting enjoyment. Choose quality, choose fun – choose our ‘Just a Few More Minutes’ T-Shirt for your little gamer!


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